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Helpful Links ~ This link educates you on permanent makeup procedures. ~ This link educates you on permanent makeup and what to expect after procedures have healed. If you are contemplating permanent makeup, please read. - you are not alone. - See Mrs. North Carolina America 2013 ~ Josie Sanctis ~ This link educates you on the techniques and history of airbrush makeup. ~ Permanent makeup can help those who suffer from this disorder by giving the appearance of brows and lashes where no hair is found.

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  • "Hey Dian!! I am so so sorry I havent returned your phone call and just now returning this email!! But I really want to thank you so much for what a great job you did on my bro..."
    Charlotte Sanders
    Client 2013
  • "From: benita beck To: "" Sent: Monday, August 19, 2013 6:31 PM Subject: Eyebrows....... Diann, ..."
    Benita Beck
    Client - August 2013